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CRM Software Systems are very essential for Success as well as General Day to Day Management of any company. Keeping proper records required and having a system in place for Customer Relationship Management increases not only sales, performance and profits of a company but also image and goodwill of a company in the eyes of customers as well as general public.
Customized CRM Software can extend itself to manage every aspect of your business and can cover your complete business management process. Such CRM Software can provide smooth functioning of your business and can eliminate wastages of man hours, money and can bring automation and overall simplicity and improvements in the busines processes.

Fast CRM Software Modules

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Quotation Management

Sales Order Management

Sales Order Management


Payment Management












Expenses Management


Dispatch Management


Installation Management


Post-sales Management





Fast CRM Software :

CRM is a business strategy that aims to understand, anticipate and manage the needs of an organisation's current and potential customers. It is a comprehensive approach which provides seamless integration of every area of business that touches the customer - namely marketing, sales, customer services and field support through the integration of people, process and technology. CRM enables organisations to gain competitive advantage over competitors that supply similar products or services. CRM is concerned with the creation, development and enhancement of individualised customer relationships with carefully targeted customers and customer groups resulting in maximizing their total customer life-time value. CRM is a shift from traditional marketing as it focuses on the retention of customers in addition to the acquisition of new customers.

Customer relationship management focuses on strategically significant markets. Not all customers are equally important. Building relationships with customers that will provide little value could result in a loss of time, staff and financial resources. CRM is a shift from traditional marketing as it focuses on the retention of customers in addition to the acquisition of new customers. The expression CRM is becoming standard terminology, replacing what is widely perceived to be a misleadingly narrow term, relationship marketing.

Benefits of Fast CRM Software



Keep data Safe and regulated with built in Protections



Eliminate redundant processes and task through automation


Streamline Processes

Automate all business operations Cross departmentally.



Centralized data will bolster interdepartmental collaboration .


Mobility & Flexibility

Work from home or anywhere with a mobile Friendly Solution .


Customer Service

Faster, more accurate access to customer information & history


Integrated Information

All customer and financial data,housed in one location.



Stay on top of technology solution ahead of your competition.

Grow Your business with Mobile CRM Software

Get Connected with the CRM Mobile App

Our mobile CRM app ensures your team is always in touch when on the go. From your smart phone, Fast CRM Mobile provides you with quick access to your data no matter where you are. Overseeing your business and staying in touch with your customers and prospects has never been easier.

mobile crm software


Fast CRM makes staying organized effortless :

The fast & best CRM management software is designed so it is easy to set up and easy to use. This means you can train your team to use it in minutes. It provides everything your sales team needs to manage their customers, prospects and sales, without letting the technology dictate your strategy. The fast search and data entry works seamlessly on desktops, tablets and smartphones. We provide easy to use fast CRM solutions software, but we also consider other attributes that can make them highly useful tools for your company, including:
Core features
Reporting and dashboards
Available integrations
Mobile access

Import products & Customer data from excel :

We’ve made it very easy to import your existing data to your software, or export it into another software. Our system checks for duplicates or incomplete entries and allows you to delete or correct these on the fly. Combined import flow for all data objects means you need just one import session to get all your data into your software.
If you were looking for a CRM solutions software to be able to import all of the data you need as you need it and how you need it, then Fast CRM Software may be a solution to help deal with this issue as it is an easy to use solution for the task of data importing. Importing records from such external sources to Fast CRM is one of the most important lead creation activities in any business. For that reason, importing should be easy and should help you maintain clean data without duplicates.



Lead generation & Follow-up tracking :

Lead management is about creating a complete process to track and manage your sales leads (your potential customers) from their initial contact with your business through to their “conversion” into a sale, and so into being a customer.
Lead Capturing : Fast CRM software provides lead entries & these lead entries directly into CRM from sources like websites,android app,visits,SMS/E-mail,exhibitions etc.
Lead Follow-Up : Lead follow-up dashboard for clear view of pending lead follow-ups. Prioritize your leads and drive them pro actively using the dashboard.
Organize the Sales Process with Ease : For a change, use our filters to sort leads by users, products, sources, zones, contacts or any combination of the above for faster and efficient lead management.

Create & Send Quotation on Email in PDF Format :

In Fast CRM Software create & send Email Quotes in PDF to all customer contacts & internal sales team (Sales Executive, Head, GM).Also attach discussion references, catalogs, data sheets.
In Quotation management has Product wise quotation report,party wise reports,sales Person wise quotation reports,Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly quotation reports, summarized quotation reports,pending quotation analysis, quotation submitted vs Sales order converted analysis ,review next due Quotations for follow up,customer wise follow up analysis,sales person wise follow up analysis.
Step 1: Select customer name with advanced search provided from the master data.
Step 2: Select the set of customizable self-defined terms and conditions from masters
Step 3: Take reference of previous quotes or convert enquiries to reduce errors and avoid manual tasks.
Step 4: Input / edit the product details such as quantity,Price, specifications, etc. as per the requirement.



Customer payments tracking & Follow-up :

Be smarter in collecting your payments and managing your customers with Fast CRM software.You can manage your deliverables and associated payments from a single Payment Management Software. Within the cloud-enabled payment dashboard, you can integrate all your bills, invoices & payments into a single dashboard.
It will send emails according to follow-up levels.
Here you can see the payment follow-up information, You can check invoice clearance payment report.
Also you can see the payment follow-up information, You can send overdue emails also print the overdue payment report.

Keep track of customer follow-up history :

Use this report to review a history of collection calls for each customer and see what further action to take as a result of a previous call. You can view the call topics, promise dates, and collector comments for follow up calls for the date range you specify. Use the Payment Promises report to see what your customers promised in more detail.
Using the Fast CRM systems marketing automation tools and sales leads lists you can then create automated marketing follow-up programs that ensure that valuable information is continually sent out to the sales leads and existing customer base on a pre-determined schedule. This drip marketing program is perfect for sales follow-up as well as for marketing automation.Know more CRM Software in India


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