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Fast Billing Software developed by Fast Software Technology is a low cost complete business management software designed for Industrial Suppliers, Dealers, Stockists, Distributors, Agents, Shop Owners, Retailers, etc. Billing Software by Fast Software Technology supports complete Billing up to Invoices, Purchase Orders, Payment Receipt, Payment Issue, Stores & Inventory Management, Multiple Warehouse Management, Invoice, Purchase Order and other formats Printing and Order Processing for Purchase as well as Sales. It has features like Bar Code scanning and can print Bar Code labels which you can stick on products to perform high speed billing for sales counter (POS - point of sales). It is a Multi User software along with security system. You can create users assign them rights and manage their user accounts.

Fast Billing Software Applications


Hotels / Lodge


Bar Code


Touch Screen


Retail Shops



Sales Order Management

Billing + Inventory












Die Casting

Fast Billing Software :

Billing software is application software that records and processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable and trial balance. It functions as an accounting information system. Billing software helps organizatins by Easy Expenses Management, Comprehensive Tracking of Customer Receivables & Full and Flexible Reporting Capabilities.

Billing Software designed to handle time and billing tracking as well as invoicing customers for services and products. Most time and billing software applications also create billing cycle reports to display information such as hours worked, expenses incurred, how much to bill clients, and which clients owe money for specific projects.

With Billing software, you can easily improve the billing system of your business without spending much. In addition, you can create invoices that can help you in getting payments from your customers. The best part of Billing software is that, you will get accurate information on all invoices.

Benefits of Fast Billing Software

Increase profit

Increase profit

Increase revenue and optimize cost by strategic reports anywhere anytime.


Save time

Manage queue with faster billing, auto-inventory & account update, no manual effort required.


Enhanced business image

Groom your business with the latest technology, send SMS/Email invoice.

More organized

More organized

Tap to a bill, auto-update the inventory and accounting and stay organized.


More customers

Offer customer loyalty and discounts to increase the customer base.


Prevent misuse

An Auto-updating feature of inventory & accounting prevents misuse of materials and theft.



Say goodbye to human errors with automated invoice , discounts & complex GST calculations.



Automated reconciliation of invoice , sales , purchase , inventory , payments and GST.


Skip The Line With Fast Billing Software :

Fast Billing software continuously helps businesses to achieve automation to fuel business growth.
Integrated accounting, business management and invoice software designed for small and medium size businesses – primarily wholesalers and distributors.
While preparing the invoice to smoothen out your accounting procedure.This is often while billing and invoice software are utilized or eliminate errors and keep accounting figures precise.
Fast Billing software supports flexible label size for barcode/price tag. You can either use dedicated barcode label printer or A4 sticker paper from a laser printer. You can show all required product detail on the label.
Barcode generated by our software can be scanned by any barcode laser scanner.Using Bar Codes increases the speed of work at billing counter as well as accuracy.
This invoice software support TSC barcode printer along with Wired and Wireless Barcode scanners of a different make.

GST Ready for Billing Software :

With the GST-ready Fast Billing , the transition from the current taxation to the new world of GST is simple and easy.
Get GST compliant Billing software to calculate SGST, CGST, IGST taxation.
File your GST return on GSTN portal with GST compliant GSTR reports for updating outward and inward supplies.
Manage your HSN & SAC codes for all various Materials codes and categories & all service activity transaction of Fast billing Software.
Easy Excel Import facility to Import matching HSN & SAC codes, GST rates for various items by importing Item master catalog in this software.
Very easy interface to update GSTN numbers, State codes of customers and suppliers.

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Barcodes :

Barcodes eliminate the possibility of human error. The occurrence of errors for manually entered data is significantly higher than that of barcodes. A barcode scan is fast and reliable and takes infinitely less time than entering data by hand.
Barcodes are inexpensive to design and print. Generally, they cost mere pennies, regardless of their purpose, or where they will be affixed. They can be customized economically, in a variety of finishes and materials.
fast billing is improves Inventory control . Because barcodes make it possible to track inventory so precisely, inventory levels can be reduced. This translates into a lower overheard. The location of equipment can also be tracked, reducing the time spent searching for it, and the money spent replacing equipment that is presumed lost.
Barcodes promote better decision making. Because data is obtained rapidly and correctly, it is possible to make more informed decisions. Better decision making ultimately saves both time and money.

Payment Followup :

The success of a business depends on timely cash flow in business, failure to receive timely payment from customer results into various problems in running the business show.
Fast billing software looking towards various hurdles in a recovery of outstanding payments from customers, it is important to make a timely followup with customer or before the due date.
The customer interaction can be recorded in Followup remarks for historical analysis of customer response during the interaction, this history helps to revise payment terms and conditions for next orders.
The payment followup dashboard indicates the outstanding customer wise payments on the basis of a number of days payment is due from customers.
In billing invoice , payment followup alerts can be sent to the customer via Email and SMS to customer representatives on or before due dates.



Inventory Reports :

Accounting is nothing but the skill or practice of maintaining and auditing accounting and preparing reports on the assets, Fast billing software helps to track Inventory of material online.
In fast billing software inventory reports provide insight into Ledger of Sales and purchase transactions of the company over a period of time.
Fast billing software has Stock reports, Item wise stock reports, Reorder level wise stock reports.
The Fast billing software has Fast moving and slow-moving inventory analysis reports for further managing inventory.
Inventory reports can be exported to excel for instant analysis by using excel sheets.

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