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Enterprise Resource Planning Software in Pune :

We are ERP Software Company in Pune :

We are a Pune based ERP Software Company. Our ERP Software Solution is specifically developed for small Manufacturing Companies. ERP Modules in our software include Sales Order Recording, Calculation of Purchase Requirements, Generation of Purchase Orders and Production Orders, etc.
You can record GRN, Inspection, Issue to Production against Production Orders, Production against Production Orders, Invoicing, Tracking of Receivables and Payable, Customer Feedback Recording, Finance etc. Our ERP Software in Pune can be your best tool for business management.

What is ERP Software ?

Enterprise resource planning is a business management system that integrates all facts of the business, including manufacturing, sales, planning and marketing. It attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those different departments particular needs. ERP helps employees do their jobs more efficiently.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software in Pune : Manufacturing ERP System

Manufacturing Fast ERP System Help For Following challenges
Increase efficiency
Eliminate unnecessary downtime
Enhance manufacturing production and performance
Improve supply chain visibility

Production Planning, Purchase Planning - Available with Fast Software technology ERP Software :

With Fast Software technology ERP Software you can Calculate Purchase Requirements.
Production Plan for Inhouse Production.
Inhouse production orders based on Inhouse Production Plan.
Purchase Orders for production at Sub-Contractors.
Purchase Order or material suppliers considering Minimum Levels, Stock-in-Hand, Orders Already Issued.

Fast Software technology ERP Software has excellent Invoicing Features :

Auto consider rates as mentioned in the customers order at the time of preparing invoice.
While Invoicing, due date based on partys credit period, rates of items considering customerwise and quantity, applicable taxes etc.
Stop Purchase Order if Credit Limit exceeds than allocated budget.
Manage Customer-wise / Item wise different prices for every item.

Key Features of ERP Software by Fast Software technology :

Fast Software technology ERP Software can Manage: BOMs, Alternate BOMs, BOMs as per customer requirements.
Management of Multiple Warehouses.
MRP - Material Purchase Requirements Calculation.
Management reports like Stock Reports, Accounts Reports, Prchase Reports.
Unlimited Party Creation and Item Creation.
Item selection in invoices and in other documents by Code as well as Name.
Fast Software technology ERP Software provides Printable Formats of Invoices, PO's, Proforma Invoices, Quotatations, GRNs, Sales Orders etc.
Fast Software technology ERP Software can anytime generate Lists of Accounts Receivable / Payable etc.
To easily view the reports Fast Software technology ERP provides facility to view Summary / Detailed reports of the data..